Summer BBQ Recipe Collection

From our Recipe Box to yours. :) We have decided to feature four BBQ recipes for this summer, developed by our Prairie Chef Mel Buhay, by the owner of SMAK DAB Mustards, and others - all tested to rave reviews by staff and students alike at recent BBQ Cooking Classes!

These recipes were tailored to go perfectly with our new Grab 'n Go BBQ Packs. But they are also intended to be very versatile! If you don't have the exact ingredients, just you can adapt the recipe by taking a quick look at what you might already have in your pantry and then easily plugging in whatever flavoured oils, vinegars, and spice blends you already have. Chances are, it'll work!

Here is an overview of these beautiful recipes. Click on the recipe title to see the full recipe.

Chocolate Mesquite Marinated Steak Skewers - Developed by Carly Minish, Owner of SMAK DAB Mustards, and tested at a BBQ Cooking Class, this recipe is rich, smoky, and expertly balanced. The flavours enhanced by marinating the steak are decadent. But skewering the smaller bites of meat creates a melt-in-your-mouth, memorable experience. Plus, cooking your meat on skewers cuts down on the cooking time, so when you want to eat, you know you are only a few minutes away from taking that first delicious bite!

Espresso BBQ Sauce - Tested at a BBQ Cooking Class, this sauce is a stand out favourite for ribs. Rich, sweet and spicy, the secret to this sticky sauce is the Espresso Balsamic which creates a deep flavour note most people can't quite put their finger on until you say, do you taste the coffee in there? Delicious and unique! This recipe was originally developed for baked beans - slowly cooked in this tangy, rich sauce, the beans were a hit. So this recipe is really versatile in the summer. Also great on grilled chicken or pork tenderloin! 

Grilled Bourbon Maple Corn on the Cob - Tested at a BBQ Cooking Class, this recipe proved that corn doesn't have to be boring. Maybe we started a corn revolution that day? If you get sweet corn it might not need need much, but this recipe tips the scales from good to great. The Butter Olive Oil and Bourbon Maple Balsamic provide buttery, sweet, tangy and caramel notes. The spice blend and sea salt elevate the recipe from simple to a taste-bud surprise. Yum! Can also brush this mixture on salmon for grilling!

Beef & Pork BurgerDeveloped for the Burger Bonanza Cooking Class, this burger stole the show. Truly impressive flavour development in the meat was achieved with the oils, the spice blend and the mustard. Wow! And the two kinds of meat make for a juicy and delicious patty! Cook as sliders for an evening of BBQ appetizers on the deck or leave the patties dinner size for a satisfying meal that ticks all the boxes on your burger wish list.

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