July Feature: 3 Tips to Beautiful BBQ

*We stumbled upon this article from a website for a unique apartment community called Anson at the Lakes in Charlotte, North Carolina. There's no better way to make friends than to share a great meal, and they seem to have perfected the recipe for spectacular barbecue. Have fun trying out their tips!

Say No to Under-Cooked Meat   

There's nothing worse than biting into a seemingly juicy piece of BBQ chicken or steak only to discover that it's a tad too juicy - in other words that it's half-cooked. However, this is a common occurrence when you're required to grill large quantities of meat for a group of guests. Avoid this unpleasant experience by cooking your meat in the oven before you grill until it's half-cooked. Once the meat is very lightly cooked, proceed to complete the process on the grill. Not only will you avoid having an overly crispy outside with an undercooked inside, you'll cut your grilling time in half!

It's All in the Marinade 

The key to delicious BBQ largely lies in the marinade. While researching various marinade recipes is important, the length of time you marinate your food is important as well. Make sure you marinate chicken at least two hours before grilling while red meats should marinate for about 24 hours. While this may seem like a long time to spend marinating your meats, the difference will be clear when you sink your teeth into a juicy and flavourful piece of meat.

Grill Your Dessert 

Many people forget the icing on the cake when hosting BBQs - great dessert! While making separate desserts may be difficult because of the prep time you're spending on the main course, make things easy on yourself by grilling your dessert too! From fruit skewers to everyone's favorite summer treat, s'mores.

From our many summer BBQ recipes (just search BBQ in our home page search bar), to our Peach Cobbler (which can be made on the BBQ), and more - we definitely have you covered with recipes. 

You can even use oils and vinegars to create gourmet Balsamic Cheesecake S'mores - simply prep your graham crackers ahead of time with a smear of cream cheese and drizzle with your favourite flavoured balsamic. Let sit for four hours so the cream cheese and balsamic softens and infuses the graham crackers. Then serve with your favourite quality chocolate and roasted marshmallows. Delish!

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