At Prairie Oils & Vinegars, we know that fresh foods are the best for us. So we follow the seasonal olive crush in the northern and southern hemispheres to provide you with the most recently produced and healthiest oils available in North America.

fresh produceIn Manitoba, we are regionally rich in amazing grains, meats, and produce. If we could grow olives and buy local, we would! Imported olive oil is a minimum of two-three months away from us in this province at the heart of the continent, and Prairie Oils & Vinegars brings in a fresh shipment with each olive crush following the growing seasons around the world. Just like fruit juice, meat, or produce, fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil is best, for taste, and for health.

The Super Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils found at Prairie Oils & Vinegars define a new category of olive oil, which is well beyond the current Extra Virgin standards. The Super Premium standard was developed to define and distinguish the freshest, highest quality olive oil in the world, by separating the "Good" from the "Great," with third party sensory evaluation and credentialed laboratory testing methods.

olives picked and crushedAt Prairie Oils & Vinegars we can offer our customers the ultimate in olive oil flavour, authenticity, and tree-to-bottle transparency. While others still use meaningless “best if used by dates,” we want you to know when your olive oil was crushed! We always provide for you the chemical analysis of the oil, having verified every batch by an independent laboratory to know it is of Super Premium quality. We also provide you with country of origin, and the date your olive oil was crushed so that you can be sure you are purchasing an EVOO well within its peak freshness window. Click here to learn more about our Extra Virgin Olive Oil health benefits.

In addition to our stunning lineup of Extra Virgin Olive Oils, we also offer the opportunity to enjoy naturally flavoured olive oils, gourmet oils, and an extensive variety of Balsamic Condimento to tantalize your palate.

Our Balsamic Condimento is certified to be from Modena, Italy. It is prepared by the reduction of cooked grapes and is aromatic, syrup-like, and always enhanced through traditional methods of aging.

At Prairie Oils & Vinegars, we carry a wide variety of dark, white, rosé, and whole fruit Balsamic Condimento. While the varietal of grape used may vary, they are all made in the traditional fashion; all natural, with no added sugar, artificial flavours, thickeners, colours, additives, or preservatives. Click here to learn more about Balsamic Vinegars.

Our goal at Prairie Oils & Vinegars is to provide access to these extraordinary products, giving anyone who wants the opportunity to taste what high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Balsamic Condimento should taste like.

We're not just a retail store, we're an experience!