Cooking with Our Balsamics

balsamic vinegar usesOn taste quality and palate satisfaction, Balsamic Vinegar wins against any other vinegar and if you're turning toward vinegar for health reasons, it is shown to win in that area as well, offering the same health benefits as apple cider vinegar.

Balsamic Vinegar is your go-to vinegar for any purpose, from bread dipping and salad dressings, to cooking and baking. Yes, cooking and baking! ANY recipe that calls for a vinegar, you can replace it with one of our Balsamic Vinegars and achieve better results.

If you are in a high end Italian restaurant, they better be bringing you a dipping plate with high quality Balsamic Vinegar that practically caramelizes on contact with EVOO. You can achieve this mouth-watering appetizer in the Prairie Oils Super Premium EVOO and the Traditional 18 Year Style Balsamic Vinegar. But we don't stop there. The variety of flavours you can create for bread dipping is outstanding with our immense selection of flavoured oils and vinegars.

You'll never go back to bottled salad dressing after coming up with your own custom oil and vinegar pairing at Prairie Oils & Vinegars. No additional herbs, mustards, salt and pepper necessary. Our flavour creations will change the way you do salad and make you actually WANT to eat your greens.

Viscous and versatile, use Balsamic Vinegar in risotto and pasta dishes, in marinades and mixed with mayonnaise or sour cream for a sandwich condiment. Create myriad sauces, or drizzle on top of a finished dish like you would a squeeze of lemon or lime. Instantly brightens up your dish!

Use it to flavour meat like chicken, steak, fish or veal. It is well suited to fruit and cheese pairings, such as strawberries, peaches and pears, along with ricotta or feta cheese. It may be enjoyed by itself (just a tiny amount) or added to water (or sparkling water) for a refreshing beverage.

Anywhere you would use a flavouring or extract in baking, you can use a Balsamic Vinegar. The intense sweet/tart flavour complements many batters and is your perfect flavouring for a cheesecake or buttercream icing.

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