Ginger Pressato Olive Oil

Ginger Pressato Olive Oil

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Sweet and bright aromas of fresh ginger are pronounced in this fragrance-forward oil. Lightly spiced, the mouthfeel is clean and round with ginger “fruitiness”. Experience a persistent and climbing top note of freshly harvested ginger root carried by pleasant tones of olive fruit that permeates the senses.

What is Pressato? CLICK HERE to view our About EVOO page and scroll down to read about how this oil is made!

Vinegar Pairings:

Cinnamon Pear, Fig, Gala Apple, Honeybell, Maple, Peach, Sicilian Lemon


  • dress a coleslaw or any Asian-inspired salad
  • perfect complement for pork or duck
  • stir-fry in this – amazing!
  • dress noodles or rice - or make fried rice!
  • use this in your pumpkin loaf or muffins