Cilantro & Red Onion Olive Oil

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A nice balance of astringent and sweet, our Cilantro & Red Onion Infused Olive Oil has an incredibly vibrant and fresh depth of flavour. Its herbaceous piquant notes transform from citrus-y to warm onion, making this a perfect olive oil for Latin, Asian, and Middle Eastern dishes.

Vinegar Pairings:

Garlic, Honey Ginger, Mango, Jalapeno lime, Vanilla


  • make an Asian or southwest marinade for steak, chicken or pork tacos
  • stir fry your fave vegetables!
  • brush over fish fillets
  • drizzle over noodles or into fried rice
  • drizzle into fresh guacamole
  • roast cauliflower, broccoli or asparagus