Gourmet Inspirations Savoury Finishing Sauces

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These are the ultimate heat-and-serve sauces for your steak, chicken, pork chops or ribs! Use as a true finishing sauce or use as you're cooking to glaze and build up a thick coating to seal in moisture. 

Canadian Maple Bourbon BBQ Sauce - A rich and delicious BBQ sauce featuring the best tastes of Canadian Maple. Oh, and bourbon, of course. Naturally, Chef Peter Fehr selected an outstanding product to add the finishing touch to this sauce - Prairie Oils & Vinegars own Bourbon Maple Balsamic. Perfect over ribs, but can also pair nicely with other grilled meats or used in a pulled pork recipe for an amazing pulled pork sandwich. Try it today! Size: 225mL

Creamy Peppercorn Whisky Sauce - This rich and decadent sauce is inspired by the central regions of France and has proved to invigorate the senses. It’s best enjoyed when heated and served on a steak that’s been grilled to perfection. Enjoy your favourite cut drizzled with this gourmet-inspired sauce, along with a topping of sautéed onions and mushrooms. Made with a Canadian Whiskey.

See this recipe for 'Beef Cone' with Herb Cream Cheese developed by Chef Peter Fehr, owner of Gourmet Inspirations.