Steinbach Update: Inspired by Gourmet Inspirations

Peter Fehr Gourmet Inspirations does a cooking class at Prairie Oils & VinegarsWe had a lovely evening in Steinbach enjoying a cooking class with guest Chef Peter, founder and creator of Gourmet Inspirations. He did a wonderful job of showing us that beautiful food presentation doesn’t have to be overwhelming or complicated.

The first dish was mixed greens wrapped in a wide cucumber ribbon. It was served with a cube of watermelon sprinkled with basil, a wedge of pineapple and topped with a drizzle of Lime Olive Oil and Bianco White Balsamic. The sweetness of the fruit and the vinaigrette was the perfect pairing to the bitterness of the spring mix.

Other dishes included beef with Chef Peter's delicious Creamy Peppercorn Whiskey Sauce garnished perfectly with a side of roasted beets with Roasted Almond Oil and crisped fennel fried in EVOO, a cocktail using the Salted Caramel Whiskey Dessert Sauce and ended with dessert poutine--yes, you read that correctly: dessert poutine!! Peter used snickerdoodle ‘fries’ with white chocolate ‘cheese’ and Salted Caramel Whiskey ‘gravy’. It was all so tasty and fancy.

At the beginning of the class a few of us were wondering if crisp fennel was possibly a little too fancy to be something we would try at home but after the demonstration we were excited to try it on our own!

Chef Peter had some helpful cooking tips and great stories of how his business began. It was a fun evening!

Recipes will be uploaded soon!

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