Vinoso Wine Vinegar

Vinoso Wine Vinegar

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This beautiful wine vinegar is garnet red in color, slightly tannic on the finish, and has a lower acidity than most aged wine vinegars on the market at 4.5%. Vinoso wine vinegar is very well suited for salads as it imparts an intense depth of flavour into your favourite vinaigrette recipes. Just a spoonful of this fantastic vinaigrette is enough to brighten up any salad!

Acidity: 4.5%

Oil Pairings:
Medium EVOO, Robust EVOO, any herb Infused Olive Oils


  • deglaze a pan after sautéing chicken or onions to create sauces
  • drizzle over cooked cabbage or greens
  • use in tomato sauces or any braising liquids
  • use with any EVOO to create a light and classic vinaigrette!