Unique Brazilian Dairy Cheese

Unique Brazilian Dairy Cheese

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Made fresh in Manitoba, we are excited to present Unique Brazilian Dairy! They bring an explosion of flavours all the way from Brazil to Canadian tables with their exceptional cheeses.

Minas Frescal - This traditional cheese is based on a recipe that is over 300 years old! This cultural favourite comes from a rich tradition of Brazilian cuisine and stays true to the salty, firm and mild flavour it is known for. People say it tastes similar to tuma cheese or queso fresco. Size 240g.

BBGrill Cheese - This artisanal cheese is especially developed for its high melting point - meaning it stays firm at most cooking temperatures, making it an exceptional product for grilling! Somehow crispy, salty, chewy and gooey all at the same time. SO satisfying. Size 196g.

CLICK HERE to check out their video on how to grill the BBGrill Cheese on a skewer. Amazing and delicious!

Find out more about these new artisans:

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