The Salt Cellar Specialty Salts

The Salt Cellar Specialty Salts

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Holy Smoke Sea Salt is a bold smoked salt that has been smoked over 7 different kinds of wood including Pecan and Mesquite. It pairs well with any meat but can be a refreshing change when sprinkled on fresh salads. 80g glass jar or 35g mini jar

Lime Fresco Sea Salt is tart without being too sour. Use to rim a glass, sprinkle on chicken or add to a crisp salad for a hint of citrus. 110g glass jar

Vintage Merlot Sea Salt - Merlot and sea salt blend to create a savoury, beautiful essential. Use in soups, stews and as a rub on meats. 110g glass jar

Durango Hickory Smoked Sea Salt is created when delicate Pacific sea salt flakes are naturally smoked with untreated Hickory wood, resulting in a full, smoked flavour without turning bitter. There is no liquid smoke or artificial flavour added. Hickory smoked flavour is synonymous with southern cooking. Durango is a natural with ribs and burgers, or any red meat. 35g jar

Chipotle Infused Sea Salt combines the earthy spiciness of smoked chipotle peppers with the crisp taste of all-natural sea salt. Use on chicken, salads and pasta. 110g glass jar


The Salt Cellar is a Canadian company providing the highest quality gourmet sea salts and spice blends. Visit for more info.