The Salt Cellar Ground Peppercorns

The Salt Cellar Ground Peppercorns

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Applewood Smoked Pepper - Black peppercorns that are cold-smoked over Applewood for a nice rich smoked flavour. Rub on ribs or fish. Add to marinades, gravies or sauces - anywhere you desire a little smokiness! 135g pouch

Hickory Smoked Pepper - Peppercorn berries are slowly smoked over a sultry hickory wood. The smoky aroma is enticing, but not overpowering and adds the right amount of savoury 'charred' taste to a variety of dishes. Sprinkle over steak and finish soups, salads, pizza or pasta. 135g pouch or 35g mini jar


The Salt Cellar is a Canadian company providing the highest quality gourmet sea salts and spice blends. Visit for more info.