The Salt Cellar Ground Peppercorns

  • $10.75

Urfa Pepper - "Urfa" is a Turkish chile pepper with a distinctive dark black/burgundy colour. Large, irregularly sized flakes have an intriguingly deep aroma that is somewhat smoky and fruity, and strong notes of coffee and berries. It has a mellow heat and is a rising sought-after ingredient for professional and at-home chefs. Use in rubs, sauces, soup, salads, pizza and pasta. 40g jar

Hickory Smoked Pepper - Peppercorn berries are slowly smoked over a sultry hickory wood. The smoky aroma is enticing, but not overpowering and adds the right amount of savoury 'charred' taste to a variety of dishes. Sprinkle over steak and finish soups, salads, pizza or pasta. 50g jar


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