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Canadian-made, potent spice blends, carefully handcrafted and mixed using only the highest-quality ingredients. With no unnecessary fillers, soy, dairy, gluten or GMO-ingredients, so you can eat what you want, the way you want. 

We just love how these spices complement our oils and vinegars. Just see how you can pair a lovely Infused Olive Oil or flavoured balsamic with the profile of these amazing blends. The sky's the limit!

All-in-One Butter Chicken Sauce Mix & Marinade - Spice Works' “Signature” product. Make authentic Indian Butter Chicken in just minutes, without the additives and preservatives. No need to add tomatoes, onions, garlic, etc... everything is inside. Simply add water and cream, and simmer 5 minutes. Or, substitute yogurt or coconut milk to make it light or dairy free. Can be made traditional, vegetarian or vegan. There's even an enclosed sachet to season your protein, such as chicken, paneer, prawns to the heat level you choose. This delicious sauce also great on pasta, pizza, seafood, poutine… and more! Use your imagination! 65g Serves: 4 to 6 

All-in-One Coconut Curry Sauce Mix & Marinade- Make an authentic Coconut Curry in just minutes. Simply add water & coconut milk, simmer. Delicious with chicken, vegetables, seafood. Use the enclosed sachet to season your protein. 65g Serves: 4 to 6

All-in-One Thai Curry Sauce Mix & Seasoning - Make Authentic Yellow Thai Curry in just minutes. Simply add water & coconut milk, vegetables and protein, and simmer. Use the enclosed sachet for extra heat. 65g Serves: 4 to 6

Lemon Chili Marinade & Spice Mix - A spicy and flavourful marinade for chicken, seafood, pork, or vegetables. Prepare as a paste, or sprinkle on directly with a splash of EVOO (or Infused Olive Oils like Chipotle, Lime or Garlic) for a tasty rub. 50g Yield: 12 servings

Greek Salad Seasoning Mix - Simply mix with EVOO (or an Infused Olive Oil like Garlic or Tuscan Herb) and lemon juice (or try Oregano or Sicilian Lemon White Balamic). Then just chop your vegetables (peppers, cucumber, red onion, olives) and add the prepared dressing. Also excellent as a seasoning for baked Greek potatoes. 40g Yield: dress 5 large salads

Greek Tzatziki Dip Mix - A must-have side dish with Souvlaki or any Greek dinner. Great with pita bread or as a veggie dip. Simply add one Tbsp. mix to 1 c. yogurt and mix well. 40g Yield: 5 cups

Greek Souvlaki Marinade & Spice Rub - Make an authentic Greek Souvlaki dinner with this popular marinade. Just add water, oil, lemon juice (or try Oregano or Sicilian Lemon White Balamic), and 1 Tbsp. spice mix per 1/2 lb. meat. Ideal on chicken, lamb, and ribs. 50g Yield: 12 servings

Asian BBQ Marinade & Spice Rub - Simply add some EVOO (or try the Mesquite Hickory Smoke Olive Oil) and soy sauce for a sweet and savoury 'char sui' flavour. Ideal on pork, chicken, ribs, or salmon. Also use as rice or vegetable seasoning. 50g Yield: 12 servings

Artichoke Dip Mix - Mayo, chopped artichoke and our dip mix creates this classic dip. Perfect with tortilla chips, crackers or veggie sticks. Optionally add shredded asiago cheese for that famous Artichoke and Asiago dip. Contains 5 individual seasoning packets. 40g 

Mexican Dip Mix - A quick and easy mix for a zesty dip with a hint of jalapeno and chipotle. Perfect for dipping nacho chips or as a spread. Simply add one tablespoon mix to 1/3 cup sour cream, 1/3 cup cream cheese, and 1/3 cup mayo. 50g Yield: 5 cups

All-in-One Mexican Chili Sauce Mix & Seasoning - Awesome taco meat or Mexican chili mix with extra seasoning packet. Make a super zesty Mexican chili with this quick and easy mix or just add to ground beef, pork, turkey or veggie ground round to make amazing tacos. Use the enclosed sachet for extra heat. 65g

Tandoori Marinade & Spice Rub - Try this authentic Indian Tandoori marinade on chicken, salmon, and ribs. Simply add yogurt, vegetable oil & water. 50g

Mexican Chipotle Marinade - Just add some olive oil for a smokey chipotle marinade with a little bit of heat. Use on chicken, pork, salmon, prawns, & fajitas. 50g

Jamaican Jerk Marinade & Spice Rub - Simply add olive oil, then rub! Achieve authentic Jamaican flavour, with allspice and earthy thyme, and a little heat. Great on chicken, pork, seafood, and beef. 50g

Rice Pilau Seasoning Mix - The easy way to prepare perfectly seasoned fragrant Indian Rice Pilau. Delicious as a side dish, or enjoy it all on it's own. Comes with 5 packets - just add one packet seasoning to your basmati rice while cooking. Each packet seasons 2 cups of rice. 25g

Guacamole Dip MixPrepare a delicious Mexican-style guacamole dip with this quick seasoning. Just use 1 Tbsp. for each crushed avocado. Great with chips, tortillas, nachos, veggies. 50g