The Salt Cellar Spice Blends

  • $10.95

The Salt Cellar provides gourmet sea salts and spice blends. They produce the blends in-house in small batches ensuring freshness. Our staff has tried them all and is blown away by their explosive flavours!

Spice blends come in a hard plastic bottle with convenient plastic shaker top lid. All are gluten and dairy-free.

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Canadian Bacon: maple sugar, sea salt, pepper, garlic, herbs 100g

Lemon Dill: sea salt, lemon, dill 100g

Lime Pepper: sea salt, lime, peppercorns, herbs 100g

Oregano Blend: sea salt, oregano, garlic, onion 80g

Mais Oui!!!: sea salt, Herbes de Provence 100g

Lime Margarita Rim Trimmer: A tangy/salty lime taste that makes the perfect margarita. Any time of the year. 125g