The Salt Cellar Spice Blends

The Salt Cellar Spice Blends

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The Salt Cellar provides gourmet sea salts and spice blends. They produce the blends in-house in small batches ensuring freshness. Our staff has tried them all and is blown away by their explosive flavours!

Important: Product comes in either shaker bottles or pouches, depending on availability of packaging. Another storage solution is to use a salt cellar and salt spoon, like these beautiful moisture-wicking cement salt cellars we sell here.

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9 Juan Juan: Lots of flavour, a bit of heat, with some kick! 110g

Bambino: A mild blend suitable for all taste buds. A mild blend suitable for all taste buds. Never use a store bought taco seasoning again with this ready to use taco blend. 110g

Lemon Dill: What could be better than a crystalized lemon juice, dill and a hand-harvested sea salt? A Lemon Dill that's a wonderful addition to fish, chicken and salads. Ingredients: sea salt, lemon, dill 100g

Lime Pepper: Oh, you have to try this! We use a black cracked pepper and pure lime. It has a clean crisp taste without being too sour. Great on chicken, fish and salads. Ingredients: sea salt, lime, peppercorns, herbs 100g

Oregano Blend: We love this all-natural blend that is free from additives or preservatives. The Oregano is harvested in the Okanagan Valley and brought together with French Grey Sea Salt and garlic and onion. Great with any Greek or Italian dish. Ingredients: sea salt, oregano, garlic, onion 80g

Oh Chihuahua!: We do have a sense of humour around here. A full-bodied Mesquite smoked salt is paired with fresh lime and herbs. Sound great? Well, it is. Chihuahua, Mexico is one of the places where these trees grow well. Try it as a rub on fish, meat and pasta. Pssst!  Popcorn, too! 120g or mini jar

Smokn' Guns: Get ready for this powerful blend. We decided we needed smoke and heat with a hint of lime. Use on game and any meat. Dare we say sprinkle it on popcorn. :) 140g

Sweet Onion & Bacon!: Bacon lover? Well this blend is for you. You might think you are having bacon, but you're not. With maple syrup from Quebec and our always popular smoked pepper and salts, this blend is the perfect balance between salty and sweet. With the addition of onion and garlic you have a blend that will be delicious on pork, roasted squash and other veggies, or for making your own tasty dips. 100g

Acadian Cajun: A traditional blend of herbs and spices with just the right amount of heat. Rub it on wings, shrimp and fish. Create the perfect flavour profiles for gumbo and other stews! You'll love the all-naturalness of it!

High Steaks: A delicious 12 ingredient seasoning rub for your beef or chicken on the BBQ or in the smoker. Available in pouch or mini jar.

Fa-Heat-Ah Blend (Fajita Blend): Kick things up with this medium heat blend of sea salt, chili & spices. Marinate steak and chicken, sprinkle on grilled vegetables, shrimp tacos and quesadillas.