Provisions Cinnamon Sugar

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Provisions Food Company values care and craftsmanship, meticulously considering every detail in every package, knowing that good food helps add to those lasting moments, surrounded by family and friends. Their products provide customers with the confidence to entertain their guests with a unique and well-represented experience. Love is in the details! They are based in Niagara, Canada and woman-owned and led by Lori McDonald!

Cinnamon Sugar This is cinnamon sugar like you have never tasted before! A pinch or two of our Cinnamon Sugar makes a bowl of popcorn totally irresistible. With the hint of sea salt and other spices, this mixture was another surprise hit from Provisions that totally knocked our socks off.

INGREDIENTS | Sugar, Cinnamon, Sea salt, Ginger, Cloves 

Try with our Gourmet Popcorn Kernels or Pop-a-Cob Popcorn!