Self-Closing Pour Spout

  • $4.51

A speciality self-closing pour spout for the top of your bottle to enable drizzling--or measuring--your favourite flavours! Allows you to pour single-handedly, especially handy for a quick drizzle while cooking or mixing with the other hand. Made of metal and plastic, there is a weighted 'wheel' that allows the opening to lift up and down as you tip your bottle back and forth. Comes in beautiful colours, available as supply allows.

  • Use for both oils or vinegars*
  • Reusable
  • Recommend hand wash only due to small moving parts
  • Fits Prairie Oils & Vinegars bottle sizes 200mL and up
  • Fits all regular wine bottle size openings
*Our vinegars are so rich and thick, opening may stick shut if not used regularly. To fix this, just prop the cover open and carefully wipe the opening with a hot, wet cloth. Resume regular use.