Pop Cart Ice Pops

Pop Cart Ice Pops

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Pop Cart Ice Pops are Buy 1 Get 1 FREE as supplies last!

Pop Cart Wpg specializes in handmade ice pops, made with care, quality and creativity. Each pop is made with top notch ingredients, kept simple, typically including real fruit, cane sugar, coconut milk, vanilla, fresh herbs and spices. Come in and see our selection of their new and exciting flaves!

Or buy online in singles or boxes. See the flavours below and make your selection carefully.

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Lime Fresh Mint - Also known as Mojito! This super refreshing combination of citrus & fresh herbs. Tasty to munch… or mix these pops into the perfect "poptail"!

Chocolate Coconut Sea SaltMelt in your mouth, creamy, chocolatey & delicious….and isn’t everything better with salt?!

Lemon Iced TeaCommonly known as the Arnold Palmer this pop is an invigorating punch of flavour on a hot summer’s day.

Orange Blossom Mimosa - Drop this into a glass of champagne for a refreshing treat.

Peaches & CreamA sweet & delicious combination of real peaches and coconut creamy goodness.

Orange Creamsicle - Takes you back to your childhood.

Green Tea Matcha - A creamy pick me up on a stick and loaded with antioxidants. Plant based.

Pina Colada - Try this in a glass of rum!

Vietnamese Coffee - A creamy, rich classic. Oh yes!

Backyard Collection Box Set – 2 of each flavour Chocolate Coconut Sea Salt, Raspberry Basil Lime, Lemon Iced Tea (total of 6 pops)

Mojito Collection Box Set - Mojioto madness! (total of 6 pops)