Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Crush Date: November 2017 Intensity: Medium
Date of Analysis: Dec. 6, 2017 Paul Vossen Rating: 92/100
Tastes Best Before: May 2019 Country of Origin: USA

This is a more-mellow-than-normal example of an early-harvested Picual EVOO. Less bitter and pungent, and more nutty, buttery, and tropical flavors. It is quite sweet, very floral and very nicely balanced. There are also many fresh green characteristics that make it very complex and useful without overpowering delicately flavoured foods.

Chemistry Analysis:

Polyphenols: 201 mg/kg
Oleic Acid: 75.4%
DAGs: 97.4%
Acidity (FFA): .08%
Peroxide: 3.18
PPP: <1%

Flavour Profile:

Aroma Intensity: 6.5/10
Bitterness: 2.5/10
Pungency: 4/10
Fruitiness: 6.5/10
Sweetness: 5/10
Flavour Intensity: 7.5/10

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