Orange Crate Party Dip Mix

Orange Crate Party Dip Mix

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For over 45 years, the Orange Crate Food Company has been offering an array of delicious tasting, innovative products. With everything from your favourite party dip to highly unique candies and treats, Orange Crate has a taste for everyone, from the traditional to the trendy.

Bringing you fun, easy to prepare gourmet foods for you to enjoy in your own kitchen. Exciting. Diverse. Fabulous flavours, no MSG or preservatives.


For any of the flavours listed below, mix entire spice pouch with 500ml (2 cups) of sour cream and put in the fridge for a couple hours so the flavours can come together or overnight for best results. Give it a quick stir then add some crackers and friends and your dip will be the talk of the party.  Enjoy!


Onion & Chive Dip Mix - The Onion & Chive party dip is a sure crowd pleaser at your special event. Mixed in small batches, this spice is so versatile and can be sprinkled on chicken or beef.

Red Chipotle Pepper Dip Mix - The Chipotle party dip has hints of fresh ground chipotle peppers and packs a delicious and aromatic taste. With a spicy zip too, your taste buds will wake up and thank you!

Sundried Tomato Dip Mix - Hints of garlic complement the bursts of sundried tomato flavours that shine in this dip! This dip will be a hit at your next gathering with friends or family - or use it to supplement a tomato sauce or sprinkle into a pasta salad. Yum!