Mesquite Smoke Olive Oil

  • $5.50

An aromatic EVOO infused with natural wood smoke flavour. To enjoy this olive oil’s bold, distinctive taste, drizzle the oil over everything from steaks and chops to grilled vegetables and fresh crusty bread. Its delicate smokiness may be compared to that of artisan smoked meats; it thoroughly permeates each dish to add just the right touch of flavour.

Vinegar Pairings:

Cherry, Chocolate, Espresso, Maple, Pineapple


    • add to barbecue sauces, chili, or use in corn salad
    • marinate beef or chicken with Cherry, Espresso or Honey Pepper
    • try in a grilled chicken and pasta salad
    • use as a vegan alternative to bacon in recipes, like Caesar salad or pasta carbonara