Loaf and Honey Cheese

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We are excited to supply Loaf and Honey's Golden Prairie cheese, a traditional Trappist monk's cheese - size approx. 167g.

Loaf and Honey spent one year being mentored by Brother Alberic a monk from the Monastery by Holland, Manitoba. Brother Alberic's cheese is made in the the monastic style, which dates back to the 1700s. This particular monastic cheese has been made in Manitoba since 1918 and Brother Alberic had been making the cheese since the 1940s. Loaf and Honey proudly carries on this cheese in its traditional method keeping it true to Brother Alberic's cheese.

It is a low heat pasteurized cow's milk cheese that is hand washed daily and aged for 60 days.

Prairie Oils & Vinegars is proud to support this continuing tradition by sharing this remarkable cheese with you!

CLICK HERE to visit Loaf and Honey's website for more info on this noteworthy Manitoba company.