Italian Harvest Pasta

Italian Harvest Pasta

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Italian Harvest is an award winning, direct importer of traditional, artisanal foods from small farms and factories representing various regions of Italy.

Handmade by artisans and small family-run factories that still use old-world techniques and craftsmanship, we've chosen to feature Italian Harvest for their outstanding quality. The vast majority of our products are made from organically processed and cultivated ingredients including heirloom grains, vegetables and fruits specific to their regions. They are natural and contain no preservatives or additives. We love that they provide food from a culture that understands how to make foods with the best ingredients available in Italy.

See the beautiful variety of shapes and colours of pasta and make your selection. You won't be disappointed!


Monnezzaglia "Leftovers" - The different shapes of this fun, colourful pasta is assembled from different pasta cuts. In tune with Italian tradition, when you get to the bottom of your pastas, those mismatched shapes are cooked all together once a week. Popular with kids and adults alike, the "leftovers" create a fun and cheerful atmosphere at the dinner table. Every box is one of a kind and the colours are all naturally derived. *Packaging may vary.

Farfalline Zebra - These "zebra bowties" are stylishly striped using dehydrated squid ink and they don't lose any of the inky black colour when cooked. The black and white contrast makes for a very dramatic presentation.

Le RoseA cousin to Cuoricini, these lovely roses will expand greatly, and taste like a dumpling or ravioli in your mouth. A versatile shape, they will go with most sauces. Pretty with pesto or simply seasoned with oil and vinegar.

"Snowflowers" - Named after Alpine flowers known as Snowdrops, this fun shape is also delicious and ideal served with a simple sauce that brings out the flavor of the selected wheat used to make this shape. The colour is given by dehydrated natural dyes that make the pasta fun to serve.

Sombreroni - Organic striped pasta shaped like Mexican hats, a creative offshoot of classic stuffed Italian pasta like tortellini, ravioli, agnolotti, or similar pastas. They are beautiful to look at, and will add a splash of color to your dinner table. They come with round disks to set the stuffed hat on, and bake in the oven, drizzled with a sauce of your choice.

"Rainbow" Linguine Arcobaleno - Colored with natural dehydrated vegetables, this delicate colorful pasta is great with butter and parmesan, pesto, or a cream sauce.