Gourmet Inspirations No Fuss Turkey Rub

Gourmet Inspirations No Fuss Turkey Rub

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Created in collaboration with Prairie Oils & Vinegars, Chef Peter Fehr brings us the new and improved No Fuss Turkey Rub! Never worry about your turkey again - you'll have the perfect tasting bird with no brining, no basting, no worrying.

Here's the simple recipe:

Perfect Roast Turkey

1/4 c. No Fuss Turkey Rub
1/2 c. Robust Super Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil
large turkey (approximately 15-20 lbs)

Mix No Fuss Turkey Rub with EVOO to make a paste. Rub all over turkey or use a silicone brush to coat. 

Roast according to your favourite method or check out our full recipe here:

No Fail Thanksgiving Turkey

If your bird is especially large, you may need to adjust as you go and just sprinkle over a little more spice rub.

Remember to keep the drippings because this rub creates an amazing gravy!

Also try any Infused Olive Oil you love, like Garlic or Mushroom & Sage.

Can also cut some of the oil with a small amount of Champagne Vinegar or even Grand Marnier orange liqueur for a gourmet touch!