Decadence Chocolates

  • $5.85

Decadence Chocolates is a locally owned and operated business that creates artisanal chocolates in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Partnering with us, owner Helen has crafted our Infused Olive Oils and Balsamic Vinegars into custom bars. Her creativity and attention to detail does our flavours proud! 

Please visit Decadence Chocolates' website when you have time. You will be impressed by Helen's exquisite creations!

These bars are something to sit down with and enjoy slowly. Available while supplies last. Next year's flavours will be different, so collect all four while you can!

Coconut & Lime Dark Chocolate - A dark chocolate bar with a Lime Olive Oil and Coconut White Balsamic-infused ganache in the middle. This is a complex and satisfying treat. The intense dark chocolate contributes fruity notes of its own without being overbearing. The playful coconut and lime flavours come through on the after taste. 

Port & Fig Milk Chocolate - A milk chocolate bar with a ganache filling infused with a rich, fruity port and our Fig Balsamic. Dried figs decorate the top of this elegant bar.

Strawberry White Chocolate - Finally, a white chocolate that fulfills all you desire white to be! No waxy, gritty, overly sweet 'chocolate'. Decadence has achieved a smooth and balanced, rich white chocolate bar and filled it with a white chocolate ganache infused with our Strawberry Balsamic. Real freeze-dried strawberries add a pop of colour and fruity flavour to the top!

Caramel Ripple - A unique visual and taste blend of 65% dark chocolate and caramelized white chocolate that is sprinkled with cacao nibs.