Chaeban Ice Cream

Chaeban Ice Cream

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Winnipeg's Chaeban Ice Cream is proudly produced with fresh raw milk from Grenkow Holstein farm in Stonewall, MB. Chaeban pasteurizes and homogenizes the milk themselves, right in their Winnipeg location, which guarantees the quality and taste of the ice cream.

With every effort to source locally grown, all-natural ingredients, they partner with a variety of Manitoban businesses and farms to create our selection of delicious and natural flavours that includes vegan and gluten-free options.

Ice cream made for everyone!

For ingredients and more information, CLICK HERE to visit the website for Chaeban Ice Cream.

Jar Size: 500mL

We stock the following amazing flavours:

Anna Bananutella - Caramelized bananas, chunks of hazelnuts and dreamy hazelnut chocolate swirled in means Anna is the very definition of a “sweet”heart. 

Glen Coconut – dairy free - Coconut milk and dairy-free ricotta, swirled with dairy-free fudge and toasted coconut flakes, you’d never guess Glen is vegan!

Mustang SallyMade with De Luca’s dark roast beans then balanced with smooth, white chocolate for a frothy latte experience. Sally has enough horsepower to get you through the day!

Peter Pumpkin EaterA sweet and spicy blend of Manitoba-grown pumpkins, spices, a hint of honey and cream cheese, with chunks of gluten-free pie crust swirled in.  

Prairie BarryBarry is anything but ordinary! With 30% strawberries in every scoop, his fruity base is mixed with rich white chocolate and sour cream for the perfect level of sweetness.

Salty CarlHandmade sea-salted caramel sauce cooked into a creamy base, then swirled in again for a super-premium caramel taste. No one can be salty after trying this one!

Fernando Rocher - dairy free - Fernando Rocher is all about the holiday season: He’s our vegan chocolate-hazelnut flavour inspired by the famous holiday sweet.

Sherry ChocolateThis dairy-free gal is made with dark chocolate chunks, sour cherries, and a creamy almond milk base that really lets those cherries shine! 

Michelle Matcha - If you enjoy a green tea latte, you will love this frozen version. Organic matcha powder blended with Manitoba milk to create an unbelievably creamy treat.

Louis Lavender - The combination of Saskatoon berries and lavender create a symphony of tastes that is unrivalled in its complexity and allure.

Donnie Darcocoa – Velvety dark chocolate and cocoa powder combined with a hint of coffee to enrich the flavour. Donnie is your ice cream version of tall, dark and handsome.

Rocky Ricardo - Everyone's favourite Rocky Road ice cream, made with almonds, milk chocolate, and marshmallows - tied together with Chaeban's creamy homemade praline sauce. Like his namesake, Ricky Ricardo, Rocky's sweet, funny, and the perfect addition to your late night sit-com binge session!

Reece Piece - Perfected with a creamy blend of natural peanut butter, honey and small chunks of chocolate and peanuts!