Chaeban Artisan Cheese

Chaeban Artisan Cheese

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Made fresh in Manitoba, this traditional cheese is very fresh, a little salty, and has a slightly tangy taste. Available in two types:

Firm Feta - Great for slicing or crumbling on salads. 200g

Soft Creamy Feta - Very creamy and spreadable. 200g

Mascarpone - Traditional, velvety and thick consistency. Enjoy in both sweet and savoury dishes to add a rich and creamy touch. Perfect for tiramisu, baking, whipped frosting or topping on fruit as well as in pasta sauce or any dish in place of cream. 500g

Ricotta - Traditional, thick and creamy. It’s perfect for savoury dishes like lasagna and pasta as well as sweet dishes like cannoli and recipes with honey and fruit. 200g

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