Canadian Birch Company Birch Toffee Sauce

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Finely crafted from pure, natural birch sap, The Canadian Birch Company syrups embody the essence and aromas of the vast forests of Central Canada. From their first-tap Amber Gold Birch Syrup to the late-season Dark Birch Syrup, every bottle is a labour of love that showcases the quality and passion of their master craftsmen.

Their Toffee Sauces pair especially well with all kinds of berries, bananas, oranges, cherries, pineapple, apples, baked desserts, ice cream and nuts, café beverages, milk shakes, smoothies, hot chocolate, S'mores, chilled layered desserts.

Choose from the following flavours:

Birch Whiskey Toffee Sauce - 212g
This dessert topping is fabulous on ice cream, cheesecake and bread pudding. Dip your apple slices, drizzle on bananas. A great baked Brie topping paired with toasted nuts! 

Birch Chocolate Toffee Sauce - 110g

Silky smooth, rich chocolate toffee sauce & dessert topping made with rich chocolate and delicious Amber Birch Syrup. An excellent gift, local and Canadian made.

Shelf Life: 18 months expiry, store in refrigerator after opening.