Busters BBQ Sauce

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Made in Canada! Blueberries are the Secret to Busters BBQ Sauces!

Natural sugars from Blueberries sweeten this delicious hand-mixed blend of spices, tomatoes, maple syrup and vinegars. Pairs well with any barbecued meat, as well as grilled eggplant, mushrooms or tofu. Mixed some in with ranch to use as a southwest style dressing, marinade or dip. The natural sugars in all Busters sauces roast and grill nicely and crust perfectly in the smoker.

Featured on the Food Network! Comes in two flavours:

Original Blueberry BBQ Sauce - Mild, sweet & tangy!

Blueberry Chipotle BBQ SauceSmoky, sweet & tangy!

Blueberry Habanero BBQ Sauce - If you like a little heat!

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