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From the ovens of Northern Italy, these crunchy, flavourful breadsticks are made with olive oil using traditional methods. No hydrogenated oils or artificial flavours. You can taste the sun and wheat intensified by the golden brown baked finish. Delicious!

Try these as a healthy snack alternative to chips or other heavy crackers. Grissini are commonly served with charcuterie platters or any small meal or appetizer platter. Serve alongside cocktails - like our Classic Caesar - or other refreshing alcoholic beverages, like Italian wine or beer. Wrap in cured meats like prosciutto, ham or salami and cue up some pickles, cheese, or fruits to go alongside. 

You can also breadsticks in soups or salads or anywhere you'd use croutons, or grate them over meats before frying to add a delightful crunchy "breading".

Comes in plain or garlic flavour!

Size: 125g