Black Truffle Olive Oil

  • $8.00

Created with Paolo Montanaro, president of the Italian Truffle Society in Alba, Italy, this "haute cuisine" product is made by steeping the essence of black truffles in a mild Super Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The result is less costly than pure Black Truffle Oil, but still of the highest quality and remarkably true to taste. Gourmet without breaking the bank. Beautifully capturing the essence and earthy aroma of black truffle, this Black Truffle Olive Oil is less intense in flavour than its white truffle counterpart. A chef’s favourite! 

Vinegar Pairings:

Traditional, Wine Vinegars


  • make a gourmet aioli
  • drizzle over baked brie or popcorn
  • perfect that over-the-top steak with this potent, musky oil
  • fry your eggs or start off soups, like bisque or cream of asparagus