BellaVitano Cheese

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Master Cheesemakers from Wisconsin have partnered with the historic Sartori family from Italy to bring great, traditional cheese to the heart of North America. 

Staff at Prairie Oils were delighted to try this light, dry and salty cheese. It is rich with a hint of sweetness. Delicious! You may notice a slight crunchy feel in texture. This crunchiness comes from calcium crystals (calcium lactate) which appear as part of the aging process. These crystals are naturally formed during the uniquely complex development that produces their signature flavours. The white spots you may see on the surface of some varieties are calcium crystals. It is a sign of a great, well-aged cheese. Enjoy!

Garlic & Herb Cheese - With the spicy warmth of garlic, the brightness of lemon zest, and the earthy taste of parsley, Garlic & Herb BellaVitano® provides the well-rounded Italian flavour of your dreams. First Place winner at 2023 Wisconsin State Fair and Bronze Medal winner at 2023 World Cheese Awards! Size 150g.

Enjoy with a glass of Pinot Noir, or a dark ale or wheat beer. Pairs well with dried salami and french red, as well as dried fruit.

Balsamic Cheese - Sweet with a hint of nuttiness makes Balsamic BellaVitano® a bold combination of flavours. Received the Gold Medal at the 2015 World Cheese Awards, Second Place winner at the 2019 Wisconsin State Fair, and Silver Medals at both the 2016 Global Cheese Awards and 2017 World Cheese Awards! Size 150g.

Enjoy with a glass of Asti Spumanti, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, or Sherry, as well as any American Pale Ale, or even a Porter or Weizenbock. Pairs well with almonds, crusty artisan bread, and smoked turkey. Sweet dried fruit like dates or raisins also bring out the best notes in the cheese!