Augusto Pesto

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Augusto Pesto preserves the fresh flavours of basil and has achieved a melt in your mouth consistency - absolutely smooth and delicious. Add to pasta (warm or cool), spread on crackers or focaccia, bake over chicken, and more.

Lemon Pesto - Cashews and pine nuts enhance the classic, dominant basil flavour. A hint of lemon brightens this condiment and is the perfect complement for Italian dishes, salmon, and any charcuterie board. 180g

Dill & Almond Pesto - A creamier twist on a classic recipe. Uses cashews and almonds to achieve a nutty, rich flavour. This one is a standout addition to any charcuterie board. Envision a creamy goat cheese with a dollop of this pesto and a drizzle of Fig Balsamic. Wow! 180g