Artisanal Salami

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Soy and gluten free! This high quality, tasty meat snack is made in Canada by the Great Canadian Meat Company. Buy ahead and keep in your cupboard for anytime - no need to refrigerate! Perfect for charcuterie boards, lunches, snacks, or anytime you need salami but forgot to make a special stop at the deli.

Founded in 1992 in Whitby, Ontario, Canada, the Great Canadian Meat Company now has the largest selection of shelf-stable meat snacks in Canada. These salamis are one of Canada’s premiere snack food experiences, using the finest Canadian ingredients including pork from Quebec and beef from Western Canada – ensuring the purest of meats.

The Great Canadian Meat Company's Artisanal Salami is shelf stable through a dry cure process - safe to ship, no need to refrigerate (refrigerate after opening).