60mL Carrying Crates

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A local craftsman creates these beautiful crates, custom made with care, exclusive to Prairie Oils & Vinegars. Perfect for displaying your favourite flavours on your counter or table top. Or carry a selection of flavours out to the BBQ or take them to work (just be clear if you plan to share with coworkers!). :) Also perfect for taking some oils and vinegars to your cabin or along in your RV for the summer. Available in two designs:

60mL Crate (Tall) - This "milk bottle crate" style is old-fashioned chic. Fits 6 bottles, in 2 rows of 3.

60mL Crate (Long) - This horizontal style bottle holder is stylish and minimalist. Fits one row of 6 bottles.

Fill with 60mL bottles, or a selection of salts or spices for a beautiful gift! Contact us to customize a gift today!