Premium White Hull-less Popping Corn

Premium White Hull-less Popping Corn

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Customers have been asking for this varietal of popcorn! Now you can enjoy the crunchy texture of this special white popcorn which has a thin skin (hull) on it so when you eat it the hull of the popcorn doesn't get stuck in between your teeth! How fantastic is that?

Grown in Canada and designed specifically for the popcorn enthusiast, this popcorn is rich in taste, smells amazing, and pops up large, white and fluffy. And like EVOO, popcorn contains antioxidants!

Learn more about this amazing company (Ontario Popping Corn) here.

Size: 900g bag

Drizzle with your favourite oils and vinegars for a healthy treat. Our favourite recommendations include:

Butter Olive Oil
Sweet Butter Olive Oil (tastes like kettle corn!)
Dill Olive Oil
Pesto Olive Oil (add a sprinkle of parmesan cheese!)
Lime Olive Oil (with sea salt and a sprinkle of white sugar!)
Chipotle or Cayenne Olive Oil (add a sprinkle of ranch seasoning powder!)
Maple Balsamic
Jalapeno Lime White Balsamic (add a sprinkle of white cheese powder!)

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