Buiteman Cheese Biscuits

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Founded in the Netherlands, the Buiteman family bakery has been baking delicacies since 1958. Today the bakery is managed by the second generation; his daughter Henriëtte and her husband Simon Klootwijk. Mr Buiteman continued working in the factory on a daily basis until 1995.

They love to bake and specialize in crackers, "crumbles" and biscuits - with their rich, savoury cheeses.

Try both flavours today!

Gouda & Chive Biscuits - A classic combination of cheese and chives in an original biscuit. They use real Gouda cheese "the best cheese to go with this aromatic and tasteful herb." Serve with any cheese and meat platter, alongside soups or fresh veggies with dip. Enjoy! 

Cheddar Cheese Biscuits - Fully cured cheddar is a hard cheese, shaped like a drum, varying from white to pale yellow in colour. The more mature, the sharper the taste of cheddar, but it never gets overwhelming. It finds it origin in Somerset, England. Good cheddar is firm and, slightly crumbly in texture, yet mellow in character. The cheddar gives these biscuits a bit of earthiness with hints of hazelnut.