Wildly Delicious Grilling Sauces

Wildly Delicious Grilling Sauces

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Made in Canada by Wildly Delicious Preserve Company, Prairie Oils & Vinegars is ecstatic to have discovered these grilling sauces and marinades. Each packs a "wild" amount of flavour that is perfectly described below.

Unit Size: 350 mL

Newfoundland Screech Rum BBQ Sauce - With more than 150 years of Newfoundland heritage behind its name, Screech Rum is an East coast treasure. Often underestimated, Screech is smooth and mellow in character and a perfect addition to this fruity, unsmoked BBQ sauce having notes of pineapple, allspice and a hint of clove.

Chimichurri (Argentinian steak sauce and marinade) - The national steak sauce of Argentina has quickly become a familiar staple in North America. True to its origins, this sauce is an intensely flavoured medley of cilantro, parsley, garlic, chilli and lemon. Serve alongside grilled chicken or your favourite cut of beef. For tougher cuts of beef such as flank steak and brisket, generously marinate beef in sauce for up to 12 hours in the refrigerator.

Al Pastor Grilling Sauce - With its characteristic combination of dried chilies, achiote, garlic, vinegar, and various spices, this sauce is sweet and tangy, bold and complex. Perfect for anyone who only enjoys a hint of spice, this sauce is more smoky than spicy, and pairs perfectly with fresh pineapple that is used in layers with or around the pork in traditional preparations. Or combine equal parts sauce with pineapple juice for an AMAZING marinade!

CLICK HERE to view the recipe for Perfect Al Pastor Tacos.

Southern Whiskey & Cracked Pepper BBQ Sauce - A terrific example of a bourbon BBQ combining smooth and intriguing whiskey notes with the notoriously luscious sauce that is garlicky, ketchup-y, and sweet - THEN prepare for an unmistakable flavour boost from cracked black peppercorns. The sauce texture is desirably thick and everything you'd want in a sauce for ribs, pulled pork, steak or grilled chicken.

CLICK HERE to view the recipe for Southern Whiskey & Cracked Pepper Rib Rebellion (pork ribs that are baked, grilled or smoked, basted with Southern Whiskey & Cracked Pepper BBQ Sauce).