The Salt Cellar Spice Blends - Variety Kit

The Salt Cellar Spice Blends - Variety Kit

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We now offer a variety kit featuring The Salt Cellar's delicious salt blends in a smaller jar - so you can try them all!

The Salt Cellar provides gourmet sea salts and spice blends. They produce the blends in-house in small batches ensuring freshness. Our staff has tried them all and is blown away by their explosive flavours! All are gluten and dairy-free.

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Prairie Faves: Compiled of Prairie Oils & Vinegars staff favourites! Comes with Lemon Dill, Oregano Spice, Sweet Onion & Bacon, Oh Chihuahua

WingNut: Make the most amazing chicken wings! Season your flour blend before blending with Smokn' Guns, Acadian Cajun, Canadian Bacon, or Lemon Dill.

Wild West Grill: Enhance your meats and veggies before grilling. Comes with Holy Smoke, Lime Pepper, Acadian Cajun, Black & White.

Hooked: Great for all kinds of fish or seafood. Lime Pepper, Lemon Dill, Oregano Blend, Acadian Cajun. 

Gourmet Harvest: Everything you need for a delicious holiday dinner! Comes with High Steaks, Lime Pepper, Lime Habanero & Celery, Spanish Rosemary.