The Salt Cellar Ground Peppercorns

The Salt Cellar Ground Peppercorns

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Urfa Pepper - "Urfa" is a Turkish chile pepper with a distinctive dark black/burgundy colour. Large, irregularly sized flakes have an intriguingly deep aroma that is somewhat smoky and fruity, and strong notes of coffee and berries. It has a mellow heat and is a rising sought-after ingredient for professional and at-home chefs. Use in rubs, sauces, soup, salads, pizza and pasta. 40g jar

Hickory Smoked Pepper Pouch or Mini Jar - Peppercorn berries are slowly smoked over a sultry hickory wood. The smoky aroma is enticing, but not overpowering and adds the right amount of savoury 'charred' taste to a variety of dishes. Sprinkle over steak and finish soups, salads, pizza or pasta. 135g pouch or 35g mini jar

Indian Black Pepper Mini Jar- Finely ground Indian black pepper. Ground using innovative cold-grinding process to preserve nearly 100 percent of the essential oils to produce incredibly aromatic and flavourful spices. This smooth black pepper can be used in just about any recipe such as meats, veggies and sauces. Can replace your normal table pepper. 35g mini jar


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