Von Slicks Finishing Butter

Von Slicks Finishing Butter

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Locally made in Southern Manitoba! Von Slick's offers numerous types of finishing butter that have the ability to put your dishes over the top for your family and friends. From sweet to savoury, there is a flavour for every occasion. Don't take our word for it, try some butter today!

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Comes in amazing flavours like:

Olive Tapenade - A Prairie Oils & Vinegars favourite!!! The complex olive flavour is balanced by herbs like rosemary and thyme. Rub on bread and toast for an alternative 'side' to an Italian meal - instead of garlic toast! Makes amazing crostini or spread it over focaccia. Slice off a little bit and melt it over warm noodles for the yummiest buttered noodles ever (and they won't stick together), or before adding your pasta sauce on top. Finish grilled chicken, pork or steak when serving with an Italian salad, rice, or noodles. Surprisingly applicable to SO many snacks, appetizers and meal ideas. A MUST TRY!

Garlic Confit - Bold, salty and savoury, the roasted garlic flavour belts it out over the more complementary rosemary and thyme. Great on steaks and makes the world's best garlic cheese toast. Really, this one has unlimited uses!

Mushroom Duxelles - Mushroom lovers, unite! The traditional and rich flavour of mushroom oozes umami and is heightened with tarragon and herbs. Enhance pasta, potatoes, and chicken - or use in beef wellington.

Roasted Red Pepper - Semi-salty with a beautiful colour this one is great on beef or pork, corn on the cob, chicken or veggies. Top baked or roasted BBQ potatoes. Amazing!

Salted Caramel - Salty, sweet and surprisingly balanced. Try it as a traditional caramel, melted over ice cream or banana bread. Perfect for breakfast as a pancake or french toast topper. Bring it out for movie night and drizzle over your popcorn for caramel corn! Spread on fresh crepes or take it to the BBQ for pork chops or ribs!

Wild Blueberry - We're in wild territory with this one! Blueberry and vanilla are SO rich in this buttery condiment - more blueberry than sweet! Tastes fresh and light, perfect for breakfast as a pancakes or french toast topper. Melt it and use as a glaze or dip for cakes and fruit. Try on any fresh pastry. Ohhhh my!

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