Unger Meats

Unger Meats

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Homestead farming just south of Mitchell where five generations of Ungers have produced the food their families and communities were raised on. We LOVE this product. Come and check out our selection of their farmer sausage, bacon, smokies, burger patties.

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Choose from a variety of delicious quality meats we've brought in, like:

Bacon - 454g. Ungers Bacon is never injected but rather soaked in a bacon brine and then smoked to perfection with a natural maple smoke. Ungers bacon is perfect for the Keto friendly diets since NO SUGAR is added.

Cracked Pepper Bacon454g

Farmer Sausage - 1 ring. Nitrite free, made with the Unger family recipe! 

Farmer Sausage Patties - Pack of 6. Locally made, hand crafted farmer sausage patties.

Smokies - Pack of 6. Locally made, hand crafted sausages using quality cuts and all natural fresh products.

Seasoned All Beef Burgers - Pack of 6. 1/4 lb patties, individually frozen and ready for the BBQ make them a must have for your summertime backyard BBQ’s, camping, or time at the cottage. Easy & convenient is what it’s all about when you’re enjoying grilling in our great Manitoba outdoors!

Cracked Pepper Bacon Beef Burgers - Pack of 6. 1/4 lb patties, individually frozen and ready for the BBQ. Once you try them, you’ll know why we call them famous. We think they are spectacular and we hope you’ll love them too!