Happy Dance Hummus

Happy Dance Hummus

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Based out of Winnipeg, Happy Dance Hummus is all about making food so tasty, it makes you dance. Each tub of Happy Dance Hummus is packed with so much flavour, it's practically bursting out of the packaging. They only use the freshest, most delicious ingredients in their recipes – they can convert even the pickiest of eaters into hummus-lovers!

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Size: 250g

Creamy Dill - Our most popular flavour by far - tangy, bright and addictive, with loads of fresh dill - this one goes with everything.

Curry Masala - Our award winner! Made with a rich curry and garam masala blend. This one makes you dance…and sing too! 

Garlic Jalapeno - Our original flavour. Nothing bland here, but don’t let the mild jalapenos scare you off! This is the kid-friendly fave.

Chipotle Lime - Full of delicious chipotle peppers and lime juice with a smoky flavour - amazing on burgers, wraps, or as a dip.

Coconut Thai - Oh my! The perfect blend of sweet and heat. This will have you happy dancing in no time.

Spicy Black Bean - Half chick peas, half black beans, and a whole lot of spicy goodness in between. A little taste of Mexico. Try this with burritos!