Favalosa Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Favalosa Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Crush Date: April 2019 Intensity: Robust
Date of Analysis: July 1, 2019 Paul Vossen Rating: 90/100
Tastes Best Before: January 2021 Country of Origin: Chile

Favalosa is a newer olive variety developed from a breeding program in Italy. This one was harvested early when the fruit was just turning colour from green to purple, which is why it is quite bitter; it is also very fruity and moderately pungent. The aroma is nicely floral. It has mostly leafy green flavour characteristics of woodiness, cooked artichoke, green tea, and nettle.

Chemistry Analysis:

Polyphenols: 750 mg/kg
Oleic Acid: 73.2%
DAGs: 85.3%
Acidity (FFA): .26%
Peroxide: 3.64
PPP: 1%

Flavour Profile:

Aroma Intensity: 7.5/10
Bitterness: 5.5/10
Pungency: 5.5/10
Fruitiness: 8/10
Sweetness: 3/10
Flavour Intensity: 8.5/10

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