Just for Cheese Jams

Just for Cheese Jams

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Just for Cheese delicious sauces are made with internationally sourced fruits, nuts and spices. They are created in small batches to enhance the flavours of cheeses. J

Halfway between a jam and a sauce, it has been created with a clean flavour profile that won’t distract your palate. By using less sugar than a jam, each fruit’s natural elements shine through. Brought together with carefully selected spices and nuts, a perfect combination arises.

Jam Size: 70g - Delightfully sized in a "miniature" pot so you can try them all or give many away as little gifts!

Peaches & Apricots with Goji berries and Guatemalan cardamom. Slightly sweet with a citrus note, a perfect counterpoint for soft ripened cheeses. Pair with soft cheeses. 

Black Figs with Australian macadamia nuts and Jamaican allspice. Smooth and creamy, with a slight crunch. Pairs with brie and blue cheeses.

Raspberries with rose petals and Szechuan pepper. Pair with fresh and tender cheeses. 

Golden Apples caramelized with tender pistachios from Turkey and Sri Lanka cinnamon. Well-rounded, accents the fragrance of rich, mature cheese. Pair with hard-cured cheeses.

Quince with Madagascar Bourbon vanilla. For pairing with soft paste and washed rind cheeses.

Try a pack of three! Comes with Black Fig, Peaches & Apricots, and Golden Apples.