Blood Orange Olive Oil

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Bright and zesty, this Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made with the fresh oil extract of Italian blood oranges. The sweet, slightly tart taste of blood oranges makes this olive oil even more attractive. Piquant, but never pithy or bitter, it is clean, bright, citrusy and almost exotic in aroma. Its versatile flavour profile and fruit-forward aroma make this oil a staff and customer favourite. 

Vinegar Pairings:

Blackberry Ginger, Chocolate, Cinnamon Pear, Cranberry Pear, Espresso, Fig, Habanero & Honey, Lemon, Traditional, Wine Vinegars


  • combine with Chocolate for a decadent bread dipper or extraordinary spinach salad
  • bake into bran or cranberry muffins, or chocolate cakes
  • drizzle over and roast beets, squash, salmon, and more!