Smoky Citrus Mop Sauce

¼ c. water
¼ c. Cold Smoked Olive Oil
¼ c. Italian Herbs Balsamic
¼ c. Lemon White Balsamic
¼ c. Gourmet inspirations Smoke and Spice or Salt Cellar Smokn’ Guns Spice Blend

Whisk all ingredients together. Use this as a marinade or a mop sauce. We recommend with chicken or pork.

Depending on your meat and cooking method, adjust how often you baste. If you are BBQing a whole chicken, we recommend using a rotisserie or vertical rotisserie chicken holder (like a beer can chicken holder) and then basting ever 15-20 minutes for a total cook time of 1-2 hours. If you are smoking a whole chicken or pork loin, baste every 3-5 hours.

If mopping every 3-5 hours, decrease the chance of contamination by portioning out your basting liquid into custard cups and dipping with a fresh mop or basting brush for each application. How often you use this sauce will depend on your method of cooking.

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