8 oz. Saganaki cheese or Halloom cheese (Monterey Jack or Provolone will also work well)
1/2 c. water
1/2 c. flour
4 Tbsp. Lemon Olive Oil
2 Tbsp. brandy
lemon wedges

If you bought your cheese as a block rather than one long slice, cut it into 3/4 inch thick slices, and repeat the steps for each slice. Pour the water into a shallow dish. Place the flour in a separate dish. Brush both sides of the cheese with 1 Tbsp. of the olive oil then dredge in flour, turning again to ensure it's well coated and well floured. Heat the remaining 3 Tbsp. of olive oil over med-high heat in a heavy bottomed frying pan. Add the cheese (you may need to work in batches if you had to slice your cheese) and fry for 2 minutes per side to form a beautiful golden crust around the cheese. Immediately before serving and while it's still in the frying pan, add the brandy and use a lighter to set the cheese on fire. Squeeze a lemon wedge over the top to put out the fire. Serve with pita, crackers or fresh crusty bread and lemon wedges. This is best consumed immediately as left overs don't keep or reheat very well.

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