Milk Chocolate Cinnamon Pear Truffles

81/2 oz. good quality milk chocolate, roughly chopped (like Epicure Belgian Chocolate, no chopping required)
1/4 c. heavy cream (35-40% m.f.)
1 1/2 Tbsp. Cinnamon Pear Balsamic, to taste
1/2 c. cocoa nibs or Epicure’s Pure Cocoa

Bring cream to a simmer and pour over chopped chocolate in a heat-proof bowl. Allow to sit until chocolate is melted; stir gently until cream is incorporated into melted chocolate. Add balsamic and stir gently until incorporated. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate until firm (about 2 hours).

Place cocoa nibs (or Epicure's Pure Cocoa) in a bowl; roll chilled truffle mix into 1/2" balls and coat with the nibs or Epicure’s Pure Cocoa. Chill in one layer; bring to almost room temperature before serving.

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