Gourmet Salad Plate Featuring Lime and Bianco Vinaigrette

spring mix lettuce 
long English cucumber
dried basil
fancy cracker
herbed cream cheese

Dressing Ingredients:
Persian Lime Olive Oil
Bianco White Balsamic

Peel a length of cucumber to get a long, thin slab of cucumber. Roll some spring mix in the cucumber and place on a plate. Cube watermelon into 3/4 inch cube. Sprinkle a dash of dried basil on top of the cub of watermelon and place on the plate as garnish. Slice small pieces of pineapple and fan them out on the plate. Form cream cheese into small ball and place on plate as garnish, stick 1 or 2 crackers on top of the cheese. Dress with a drizzle of the Persian Lime Olive Oil and Bianco White Balsamic.

*Tested in the Gourmet Inspirations Cooking Class

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