Crispy Oregano Pickles

2 lbs. Kirby cucumbers or summer squashes, cut into 1/8 inch thick rounds (about 6 1/2 c.)
1 medium white onion, halved and thinly sliced (about 1 c.)
2 heaping Tbsp. coarse sea salt
2 c. ice cubes
1 1/2 c. Oregano White Balsamic
1 1/2 c. white vinegar
1 c. sugar
1 tsp. whole mustard seeds
3/4 tsp. celery seed
3/4 tsp. whole black peppercorns
1/4 tsp. turmeric
1/4 tsp. crushed red pepper flakes or 3 dried hot chilies

To draw out excess liquid and increase crunch, toss cucumbers and onion with salt in a large colander. Add ice, and toss again. Place over a bowl, and refrigerate, tossing occasionally, for 3 hours. Drain. Rinse well, and drain again.

Bring Oregano White Balsamic, sugar, mustard and celery seeds, peppercorns, turmeric, and red pepper flakes to a boil in a saucepan. Add cucumbers and onion. Return to a boil.

Ladle into 3 hot sterilized pint jars, leaving about 1/2 inch below each jar's neck. Wipe rims of jars with a clean, damp cloth; cover tightly with sterilized lids and screw tops. Using tongs or a jar clamp, transfer jars to a rack in a large canning pot or a large, deep pot filled with hot water, being sure to keep jars upright at all times. (Jars should be spaced 1 inch apart, and should not touch sides of pot).

Cover with water by 1 inch. Cover pot, and bring to a boil. Process jars in boiling water for 10 minutes. Let cool. Press down on each lid. If lid pops back, it's not sealed; refrigerate unsealed jars immediately, and use within 1 month.

Sealed jars can be stored in a cool, dark place for up to 1 year.

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